Title: Smart Airport


The "Smart Airport" project presents a scaled-down model of an airport area, demonstrating a range of advanced technological solutions to address urban challenges effectively.

1. Automated Hygiene Solutions:

The airport features automated handwashing and drinking water taps equipped with infrared (IR) sensors. These sensors detect the presence of users and initiate the water flow, promoting hygiene and water conservation.

2. Innovative Waste Management:

To tackle the issue of waste disposal, the project includes automated dustbins equipped with ultrasonic sensors and controlled by Arduino technology. These dustbins are designed with separate compartments for biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste, making waste sorting more efficient and environmentally friendly. Servo motors facilitate the lid operation for user convenience.

3. Urban Transportation Solution:

Outside the airport, a line-following robot serves as a miniature metro system, offering a glimpse into an efficient urban transportation solution. This robot replicates a city's metro system, demonstrating its potential to alleviate traffic congestion and enhance public transportation.

4. Enhanced Safety with Automated Street Lights:

The project also incorporates automated street lights that use a combination of light sensors to provide well-lit paths for safer night walks. These smart street lights automatically turn ON/OFF based on the ambient light conditions, ensuring the safety of pedestrians during nighttime. By showcasing these innovations, the "Smart Airport" project not only provides practical solutions to pressing urban challenges but also raises awareness about the importance of integrating smart technologies into city infrastructure. This project serves as a thought-provoking model that addresses real-world problems and offers creative solutions for a more sustainable and technologically advanced urban environment.